Alternative School No. 1, Seattle, WA – Oct 13, 2010

By George J Elbaum

This was my first presentation at a school, and it couldn’t have gone better.  Arranged by the Washington State Holocaust Education Research Center (WSHERC), my contact at this middle school was teacher Jo Cripps, whose unbounded enthusiasm leaped from her several emails and was evident from the students in her and teacher Carolyn Kyle’s combined classes with whom I met.  The students  sat and  listened attentively, asked questions (see Speaking Events), then crowded around for autographs, first on paper slips, then on notebooks, backpacks, shirt sleeves & arms!  The whole event was very rewarding for me and a great encouragement to continue doing more. 

Jo Cripps, Carolyn Kyle & I

Students with me

Signing autographs

Students with my wife Mimi & me

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3 Responses to Alternative School No. 1, Seattle, WA – Oct 13, 2010

  1. Jo Cripps says:

    George and Mimi,
    Thanks you for visiting AS1 and standing up for human rights! We are proud to count you among our friends. Come back soon!

  2. maya says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for coming to my school Alternative School #1!
    I have you’r autograph on my dresser. Once I finish my current book I am very excited to read yours!
    Thanks again,

    • says:

      Maya, Thanks much for your comment. It was fun for me to meet you (and was surprised to find 2 Mayas in one school!) and the other students, and I got a kick from signing books, backpacks, shirtsleeves and arms. You all are a great bunch!!! My very best, George

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