First website, first blog

By George J Elbaum

Though I encouraged my wife, an artist, to get a website some years ago for her art, I nevertheless resisted her encouragement to get one for my recent book, “Neither Yesterdays Nor Tomorrows – Vignettes of a Holocaust Childhood.”  While giving her all kinds of reasons why a website was not necessary, deep down I suspected the real reason was inertia, that most-powerful force in human affairs.  However, when a newspaper interviewer asked about it and my plans for speaking in schools about the human face of the Holocaust, that was the tipping point: as in writing this book, I said “yes” and made a move the next day.  Having survived the Holocaust, I hope to be true to the last few lines of my book: to “somehow convey, to even a small degree, our experiences, our feelings, our loss and our hope to a new generation, and to inspire them to convey it onward.  The first responsibility is ours….”

Through this blog, I hope to focus not so much on my presentations as on the reactions of the middle and high school students who, I hope, will be my primary audience.  It is, after all, their reactions and their take-away that will determine the value of what I have managed to convey onwards.

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3 Responses to First website, first blog

  1. Jamie says:

    Hey I loved your story thankyou so much for comming to my school I really apreciated it again thanks!

  2. Honour says:

    Thank you for coming to my school and sharing your story with me and the other children. I loved it. I think your story will be passed on by the kids who listend and it will be heard and understood.

    -Honour Paulsen

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