Charles Wright Academy, Tacoma, WA – Oct 15, 2010

By George J Elbaum

October 15, 2010, was the last day of Charles Wright Academy’s (CWA) annual Global Teen Summit, with 32 high school students from China, Poland and United Arab Emirates visiting CWA for 10 days and staying with CWA host families .  The Global Summit is designed to promote peace and social justice by developing the students’ understanding of universal human rights, the concept of fair trade and sustainable life styles, and the realization that the choices we make every day can impact the world.  The core of the Summit is a series of speakers and group discussions on these subjects, and mine was the last presentation in this series.  The Summit’s founder, organizer, and my contact was Nick Coddington, whose amazingly intense & varied background is exceeded only by his enthusiasm in instilling these concepts in his students.  The students’ attention, understanding, and questions (see Students’ Feedback) made this, only my second presentation in a school, as great and personally rewarding as my first one only two days earlier.  (Both presentations were arranged by Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center.)

Nick Coddington & I

Nick Coddington addressing students

My presentation

International students & I

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2 Responses to Charles Wright Academy, Tacoma, WA – Oct 15, 2010

  1. Nick Coddington says:

    Thanks so much for coming George and sharing your story! You were so inspirational! We cannot wait for you to come back to our school again!

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