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I Spoleczne Liceum Bednarska, Warsaw, Poland – March 5, 2018 (PM)

by George J Elbaum 1989 marked the end of communism in Poland, and just a few months after the first democratic elections a group of opposition (i.e. non-communist) leaders founded the Bednarska High School as the first independent (i.e. non-governmental) … Continue reading

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Szkola Podstawowa Nr. 260 im. Jana Matejki, Warsaw, Poland – March 5, 2018 (AM)

by George J Elbaum XXXIII Szkola Podstawowa No. 260 named for the painter Jan Matejko is located in Mokotow on the southern edge of central Warsaw, only a few blocks from the primary school that I attended before leaving for … Continue reading

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XXXIII Bilingual Liceum Kopernika, Warsaw, Poland – March 2, 2018

by George J Elbaum The XXXIII Bilingual Liceum Mikolaja Kopernika is a public school established more than 60 years ago with current attendance of approximately 1000 students in the 5 grades of liceum + gimnazjum.  Of these, 240 students attended … Continue reading

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Forum for Dialogue Gala, Warsaw, Poland – March 1, 2018

by George J Elbaum The Forum for Dialogue is a Polish nonprofit organization established 20 years ago to promote and enhance the dialogue and understanding between modern day Poland and the Jewish community abroad, and thus to help heal the … Continue reading

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Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA – February 13, 2018

by George J Elbaum The Contemporary Jewish Museum (The CJM) staged an exhibit, Tour and Talk: Resilience, Holocaust, and the Architecture of Life, which asks the question: “How do we move forward from the past while vowing to never forget?”  … Continue reading

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Francisco Middle School, San Francisco, CA – January 25, 2018

by George J Elbaum Francisco Middle School was established in 1924, and during its more than 90 years of San Francisco history has served many illustrious young students, such as baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and 9/11 hero Betty Ann Ong. … Continue reading

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Gibson Ek High School, Issaquah, WA – January 22, 2018

by George J Elbaum Gibson Ek High School, founded in 2016, is a public school to which students from the school district can apply for admission and are then selected by lottery.  The school follows a non-traditional learning model in … Continue reading

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