Pacaso, San Francisco, CA – January 13, 2023

by George J Elbaum

Pacaso is a real estate company headquartered in San Francisco with most of its 180+  employees working remotely all across the US, Mexico and Europe.  Established in late 2020, it has grown rapidly to become the category leader by buying luxury homes and selling fractional ownership and management of these properties (rather than the traditional timeshares which are the rights to use a fixed amount of time in a condo).  Pacaso now operates properties in 40 locations.  As a fast-growing startup its staff is a diverse group of people – individuals from all walks of life including salespeople, lawyers, engineers, maintenance personnel, designers etc. – “with a common goal of making second home ownership possible and enjoyable for a wide range of people.” My talk was organized by Jacquie Hines, Pacaso’s Talent Manager, with express purpose to educate and broaden Pacaso’s staff by facilitating their knowledge of and communication with a wide range of people who could become Pacaso’s customers.  My talk via Zoom was arranged by Julia Thompson and Morgan Romero of Seattle’s Holocaust Center for Humanity, with Jeff Grossman moderating and giving a thoughtful introduction.

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