Holocaust Center for Humanity, Seattle, WA – Sept 21, 2015 – Voices for Humanity Luncheon 2015

with Mimi, out-of-focus

Out-of-focus Mimi and I – expert photo!

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2 Responses to with Mimi, out-of-focus

  1. Natalina Davis says:

    Event out of focus, you and Mimi still look great! Such wonderful work that you are doing! Your story is amazing and inspiring.

    • gelbaum says:

      First, thank you for your very kind words. I get much, much gratification from the feedback I receive from the students, especially in their subsequent letters.
      Next, it’s so nice to get a voice from the distant past, though let’s not count the years. Now, how are you and what are you doing? I’ll pass your info to Jordan, as I’m sure that he’ll want to know.
      My very very best,

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